On The HighRoad

The saying “take the high road” comes from an old Scottish song about taking the “good and noble path”.  This idea defines who we are as a team, because at HighRoad Partners, we believe that if we do the right thing by our clients, the rest will follow.  In the past year, our community, neighbors and friends have experienced trying times, which inspired us to celebrate those same neighbors and friends who choose the good and noble path every day.  Each month in 2021, you will see us honor mentors, friends, coaches, teachers, and others who quietly lead from the high road.  If you have a suggestion for us, email us at – we’d love to get to know more “HighRoadsters”. 

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You Can Do Anything For Three Minutes

Celebrating Coach Doug Jacobson Written By: Michelle Kommer There comes a time in your life where you realize that your childhood memories, made through a …

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This Month We Celebrate Michael J. Olsen

Written By: Michelle Kommer He walked in, with a casual saunter, a warm smile hidden partially beneath his mustache, and a discernable twinkle in his …

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Taking The High Road

Written By: Brady Drake, Fargo Inc! Photos by: J. Alan Paul Photography Michelle Kommer’s Next Career Move Will Provide a Much Needed Service for Area …

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