HR Solutions

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Payroll, Compliance, Filing and Reporting

People like to get paid. The right amount, at the right time. And with rapidly changing payroll and taxation laws, this is sometimes easier said than done. That dreaded feeling of - “Am I doing it right?!” Let us take this worry away, and while we are at it, provide you and your team members with state-of-the-art technology for payroll, time-tracking, vacation-tracking, including mobile apps and more!

HR Compliance

You have hired your first employee – congratulations! You have entered a world that requires you to know state and federal employment regulations! For example (but not limited to):

Performance Management
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Is your organization’s strategy to “post and pray”? Are you so busy running your business that it’s hard to take the time to find the right next candidate for your company? Your team is your most important asset. Every hire has the potential to elevate your mission or create a drag on your progress. HighRoad Partners can assist you with one or more of the following:


Once you have found the right candidate, we will help you onboard that candidate, providing you with:

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Benefits Administration

The world of benefits administration gets more complicated every day. Working with HighRoad Partners’ Insurance & Benefits Team, our HR Solutions team will help you automate and streamline benefits administration, such as annual enrollment, required notices, reporting, and other compliance.

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Training & Development

Other HR Outsourcing firms will provide you with a long list of “training sessions”, most likely purchased through an out-of-the-box third party subscription model. At HighRoad, we start by providing three sessions that contain information essential for every organization, but curated and customized for your company, your industry and your culture. These are not “check the box” sessions (although they will check a box). They are informational, interactive, and fun.

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Performance Management

You have dreams and ideas, big ones. But how well are your “people systems” lined up to achieve them? If you have a strategic plan, have you clearly identified “whose job it is to do what” in order to get there? Do you have a system to track, measure, evaluate, and motivate performance? Are your team leaders equipped with the tools, systems and training to support that system? Especially as organizations grow, often the answer is no. We can help you implement a performance management system that is right for you.

Partner Support

Uff-da (UF-duh). A Norwegian expression with no direct translation to English, but in its mere pronunciation, you can hear what it means. Our goal as your HR partner is to minimize your “Uff-da’s”, but when they happen, we are here. We will provide you expert, on-call support for:

HR Consulting and Super Support

Your CHRO Services
(limited, exclusive engagement)

Are you looking to take your HR operation to the next level? To shift from operational HR to strategic HR? To make sure that you have a people strategy that is aligned with your business strategy? Are you hiring your first HR person, or a new Director and want to make sure the “table is set” for him/her to be successful? Or, do you have a specific, specialized question – like “do my variable compensation plans drive the type of performance we need?”, or “does our compensation structure need a total overhaul?” Then you need a Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO). These complex matters can only be addressed by an expert. If you have a one-time project in mind, Michelle Kommer, North Dakota’s former Labor and Commerce Commissioner, HR Expert and employment attorney is taking a limited number of these specialized engagements to assist your organization in elevating its performance, to help companies go to the next level.

One-Time Projects

Are you growing and scaling? Did a few things get away from you in the process? Need a fresh start? We can help you shore up your foundation through one-time projects such as:

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